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Welcome to the new Brendon Furey Look Website


Here you will find a rather different side of me that many havn't seen before. you will find many a different Tabs/Pages that may or may not like but I urge you to atleast take a look at once and decide what would make it more interesting/forfilling to you. I will take on any constructive critisisim but anything of any other nature I will discard. please if you DO have any idea's for me to improve this webpage, I would appreceate a mention in the Guestbook. I would like to use this webpage as my own way of expressing my writtings,views and maybe some photography.


January - The birth of an Angel


January 2011

My now youngest daughter came into this world to join us on

January 14th, 2011.

We named her Kendall-Rose Furey, I think the best thing since getting with Nikki

thats ever happened to me i think.

Kendall's particulars were as follows:

Weight (gms): 4448gms

Birth Length : 55cms

Head Circumfrence : 36cm

Time of Birth: 10:07am

At this time both myself and Nikki would like to thank

Sharleen Turner

for not only accepting to be Kendall-Rose's


but also being there at this great time of her god-daughters birth

but also for putting up with the screaming and comfort of both

Myself and Nikki. (( LOL ))

before you ask...

yes i did cut the cord at Kendall's birth and it was the most amazing feeling ever

knowing i had such a vital part of my daughters birth.

Kendall-Rose Furey we love you emmencly

xXx xXx xXx